In Matt. 5:13, the Lord said, You are the salt of the earth… . EFAC members have always been taught to regard themselves as salt which presence is recognized by the taste it gives the food and not by being visible. Also, the preserving function of salt is well known.

The following areas can be pointed out as those in which the presence of EFAC has positively affected the life of the church.
i. Prayer life: Members of EFAC, indirectly the church, are educated on the great importance of prayer both in private and public communion with God.
Fasting is no longer reserved for Lenten Season.
ii. Bible Study: Systematic bible studies both in the church and EFAC Groups in the churches
iii. Fellowship: Many Anglicans are so engrossed in worldly pursuits that they have no time for bible studies, prayer or fellowship meeting. This is being corrected by fellowships.
iv. Teaching/Training: EFAC is noted for teaching and training of its members on sound biblical knowledge and rich Anglican Heritage at various levels using Retreats, Camp/Conferences and Leadership Trainings. This is to make them mature Christians in the Anglican Church. Those who eventually opted for ordained ministry have been able to prove themselves among their peers.
v. Evangelism: EFAC trains her members on personal Christian work which is helping and encouraging others to know Jesus as their personal Saviour and loving Lord. Revival meetings are planned and executed for willing churches. EFAC is involved in church planting and where resources are available erect building for such churches.