Welcome to EFAC Enugu Zone

EFAC is the realization of the dream of some members of Anglican Church, who had had personal encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ, to worship God in the liberty they had found at a time when the church in Nigeria was so lithurgical and there was a great gap between what the scriptures stipulated and what was being practiced in the church.

EFAC was founded in England in 1961 and later introduced in Nigeria in 1978 but was inaugurated in 1979. It was not until 1987 that EFAC Enugu Zone was inaugurated, 8 years after the EFAC National was inaugurated. This delay was as a result of very stiff opposition to allowing Christian brethren to operate in the church then. It had to take a very turbulent crisis in the Enugu Diocese in which Christian brethren played very positive roles in resolving, for the then Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Rt. Rev. G. N. Otubelu to direct that EFAC be started in the churches in the Diocese. We thank God for the patience and resilience of the pioneers of Enugu Zone of EFAC.